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Who should Attend?

* Process/R&D Engineers
* Maintenance Supervisors
* Laboratory Personnel
* Sales/Technical Staff

Benefits of attending

* Learn about the latest technological developments
* Meet new suppliers and customers
* Network with colleagues and industry specialists
* Source new products
*Get new business



November 25, 2003
Boucherville, Quebec, Canada

Laser Surface Processing Workshop

The Industrial Materials Institute (IMI) of the National Research Council Canada (NRC) and the Qubec Materials Network are organizing a workshop on Laser Surface Processing where leading-edge information and innovative industrial applications will be presented.

At the dawn of this new millennium laser technologies are increasingly being considered for surface processing. With the advanced development of multi-kilowatt YAG, CO2 lasers, and diode pumped lasers, the technology has become more powerful, reliable, and user friendly. Consequently, laser surface processing is attracting companies around the world for its precision, processing stability, ease of automation and its low energy input to processed parts.

The workshop will be an excellent opportunity for networking between industrial users, suppliers and experts. It will focus on two main aspects:

  •  Hands-on application presented by key industrial leaders
  •  Emerging Technologies presented by internationally known R&D scientists

Workshop Themes

  • Discover emerging trends in laser surface treatment: 
  • Laser cladding
  • Laser repairing
  • Laser consolidation and laser rapid prototyping
  • Surface preparation by laser ablation
  • Industrial acceptance of laser cladding technology
  • Laser surface treatment of aluminum

The workshop will include an exhibition, where the leading companies in this field will showcase their expertise and equipment. Join us for an "electrifying" technical discussion and networking opportunity!