**NEW** : The papers are now available on-line at www.ndt.net
See you at the next LU conference in Bordeaux, France planned for 2010.

1st  International Symposium on Laser Ultrasonics :

Science, Technology and Applications

July 16-18 2008, Montreal, Canada

Laser-ultrasonics or laser-ultrasound or laser-based ultrasound, as it may be differently called, goes back to the 60s with the laser generation of ultrasound. Optical detection of ultrasound followed years later, but the technique, even using alternate detection means, has been for a long time essentially a laboratory curiosity. Years of research and development have result in the introduction of innovative schemes and instruments as well as the emergence of new application fields. In recent years, a continuous thrust in research towards higher frequencies, non-linear effects and micro and nano scale analysis has been carried out. In parallel to these developments, a transition of the technology to the industry has been underway. There are now companies selling laser-ultrasonic equipment serving industrial sectors as diverse as microelectronics, steel and aerospace. 

Therefore, as many have expressed the wish, there is a need to assemble practitioners and users of laser-ultrasonics from academia and industry to present state-of-the art status of the technique and technologies, current research focus as well as future trends. This symposium aims to fulfill this need and hopefully will be the first of a series of symposia on this subject.

The Industrial Materials Institute of the National Research Council of Canada (IMI-NRC) in collaboration with the Quebec Materials Network are pleased to announce the 1st  International Symposium on Laser Ultrasonics: Science, Technology and Applications (LU2008). This 3-day symposium will be held July 16-18 in Montreal, Canada at École de technologie supérieure (ETS), a main engineering university located in downtown Montreal. It will offer unique opportunities for networking with colleagues having a wide range of interests coming from academia, industry and government from all over the world.

This symposium will encompass all aspects related to research, development and applications of laser ultrasonics. It will offer the complete conference experience with invited speakers, oral and poster presentations, and social events that will ensure an enjoyable meeting. Also, papers associated with the Laser Ultrasonic symposium are to be published in a CD-ROM and will also be available on-line at www.ndt.net.


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