MetFoam 2007 Conference on Porous Metals and Metallic Foams

Metallic foams are relatively new materials that offer opportunities in a wide range of     applications. They can be used to manufacture lightweight structures, filters, heat exchangers, sound absorbers, mechanical damping devices, electrodes, charge carriers, sensors, catalyst supports and biomedical implants to name a few. The interest in these materials has risen during the last few years and new materials as well as applications are created every year.


MetFoam provides a forum for researchers active in the field of porous metallic materials and metallic foams as well as for engineers and product designers seeking materials having unique combinations of properties. Metfoam 2007 will include invited plenary lectures by leading experts in the field as well as oral and poster presentations.


This 5th MetFoam Conference is intended to be a showcase for the latest developments in metallic foams. The conference will focus on the advances in production and manufacturing technologies, on the understanding of the fundamental relationships between their structure and their properties, and on applications. Around 200 scientific communications on the following subjects will be presented:

Synthesis of cellular metals (metallic foams, porous metals, nanoporous and mesoporous metals)
Characterization (mechanical, biological, chemical, electrical, acoustic, thermal, etc.)
Relations between structure and properties
Modelling of manufacturing processes and properties
Secondary operations (joining, coating, etc.)
Applications and case studies

L.P. Lefebvre, Chairman (National Research Council, Canada)
J. Banhart, Technical Program Co-Chair (Hahn-Meitner Institute, Germany)
D. Dunand, Technical Program Co-Chair (Northwestern University, USA)

MetFoam 2007 5th International Conference on Porous Metals and Metallic Foams