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Alternative Micro- and Nanofabrication 2005

July 7-8, 2005

Industrial Materials Institute – NRC
75, de Mortagne, Boucherville, Quebec, Canada



The Industrial Materials Institute is proud to host a two-day workshop on Alternative Micro and Nanofabrication technologies and their use in biomedical applications.

The workshop is aimed at the scientific and technical community in Canada and worldwide and will address the challenges of alternative nanofabrication technologies and the expected benefits in the biology, biosensors and drug discovery areas. The workshop will also prove beneficial to industry and commercialization leaders interested in gaining knowledge of the potential of the technology in the health science sector.

This conference allows you to catch the latest information on alternative micro and nano fabrication during the day as well as catch the same hot jazz at night at the world's famous Montreal Jazz Festival.


The workshop will cover the following topics:

• Overview of alternative nanofabrication and applications

• Critical issues related to nanoimprint technology:
   o Master preparation technologies
   o UV-nanoimprint
   o Hot embossing nanoimprint
   o Materials for nanoimprint

• Applications of alternative nanofabrication with emphasis on:
   o Microfluidics and biosensing
   o Nanostructured surfaces for cell and tissues
   o Nanofabrication for biosensing
   o Biosensors for genomic analysis
   o Cell engineering and drug discovery

• Commercialization of emerging technologies